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Petition to Say Yes! to the Monarch as Michigan's state insect.

Michigan Monarch replica license plate on Etsy! 

We went to Lansing in August :





Contact Our Michigan Lawmakers:

• Michigan Senate - home

• Michigan Senate - Government Operations Committee

• Michigan Legislature - home

• Michigan House of Representatives - home

Michigan House - Government of Operations Committee


Learn about the Monarch's migration, and its relationship with Michigan:

• View the Monarch's migration through Escanaba, MI

• - Monarch Education, Conservation, and Research


Learn to Help the Monarch:

• Butterflies in the Garden - Brenda Dziedzic's book on attracting butterflies to your garden and information on Brenda's Butterfly Habitat - Westland, MI

• Monarch Butterfly Garden - Tony Gomez's gardening blog filled with tips, ideas, and resources designed to help you create an amazing butterfly garden that attracts more monarchs and other beneficial pollinators - Bloomington, MN

• Help monarchs and other pollinators by collecting milkweed seeds this fall - a step-by-step resource to saving seeds and planting milkweed to help monarchs and other pollinators, by Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Entomology

• "Wild for Monarchs" - The Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones Monarch Committee – led by Ilse Gebhard – had another busy season, posting several accomplishments.